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Our Concept

Intrinsic Capital was conceived in response to an increasingly complex investment world and a desire to provide an effective alternative that is both transparent and cost efficient.

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Typical investment strategies today revolve around products. We are keen to offer a more service driven approach that engages and involves the client at a more personalised level in their investments.

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Simple Charging

Investors today are faced with the prospect of multiple layers of charging that can be opaque in connection with collective investment vehicles especially. We offer a very simple and straightforward fee and commission scale.

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Separately Managed Accounts

Client funds are invested through separately managed accounts. There is no 'fund'. Each client has their own account, allowing them to retain beneficial ownership and see exactly how their money is invested.

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Risk Management

We seek to manage risk against potential reward over the longer term. We will look to create for you a suitably diversified and actively managed directly invested portfolio, intended to provide protection of your capital and the income stream in real terms while optimising the returns over a longer period. However, and with all market investments in particular, you need to be aware that your capital is at risk and you may not get back the original amount invested and particularly when you have a short term horizon.

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A full year end report is normally produced as at 5th April to coincide with the tax year and will include relevant documents and summaries you may require relating to the preceding tax year. If you are a company or other entity with a different year end date please advise and we can accommodate this on request. Interim reports provide you with a regular six monthly valuation and review and are also available more frequently on request. Trading activity for discretionary investment management clients is normally summarised in period reports but clients can elect to also receive contract notes for each trade as it is done. Advisory clients will always receive a contract note. All reports are available online in a secure environment.

We undertake an objective assessment of your attitude to risk and seek to match this with achieving your investment objectives

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