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Our Values

Markets have seen many fundamental changes since the crash of 2008, not least the yield gap between bonds and equities which turned positive for the first time since 1950.

This low interest rate environment presents challenges in generating returns together with opportunity in a considered approach to equity investment as the ever increasing debt in a low inflation environment increases default risk. In terms of preservation of capital and income yield, we see equity markets as most effective in the current environment. Screening for quality within a diversified portfolio, we seek to provide protection on the downside over the long term while also proving a natural inflation hedge on the upside.

We present a visible and transparent approach that is client centric. We seek to build an effective and meaningful relationship going forward while utilising all the latest technology in providing clients with an intuitive interface and 24/7 secure access to their investments via Intrinsic Online.

Service Based

There is no 'fund' and we seek to build a portfolio of direct investments. We recognise it is your money. Individual portfolios in each strategy are tailored according to initial timing. Individual investments are determined by thoughtful and objective investment process. We appreciate the importance of communication, building long term relationships and delivering on expectation.

Active v Passive

We believe in an active approach to investment - investing in companies because they are worth investing in rather than market noise. Passive funds or index trackers generally invest across the whole index. They are incapable of making an investment decision and the difference between the best and worst performer in an index over any period can be very marked. We screen for quality, for value and for short term momentum and aim to ensure you are well represented among the best performing stocks.


We do not outsource management of your investments and we are able to present a single and transparent charging basis including all wrappers and avoiding multiple charging layers. We have an ‘active’ philosophy which runs through our entire investment process. We invest in companies on merit and not because of their weighting in a particular index.


We use available technology to client advantage. We have data feeds on markets and over 60000 companies globally that we use hedge fund techniques and processes to screen for quality, value and opportunity within the constraints of the strategy selected. We also employ the latest technology to enhance client experience and create transparency and availability of information to the client on a daily basis, by PC, tablet or even on phone.

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